Happy New Year Greetings

The best messages of happy new year 2019

If your answer is no, then do not worry because you will not have to spend anything, just keep reading and you will find some ideal messages to send to your friends and, thus, give them one more reason to smile on this December 31st, 2018. We hope that you are encouraged to take a look at all these examples, as they are very beautiful.

Find nice new year greetings to share on Facebook:

1. “I do not believe much in the cabals in which people trust to start a good New Year, I also have your friendship, which is what really assures me that we will live 2019 full of fun and great moments! That you and everyone in your house have a Happy New Year, my friend! ”

2. “I will never forget this year because he gave me the friendship of all of you. Happy New Year! I am sure that, in 2019, life will give us much more than what it has already given us, we just have to stay united and the power of friendship will achieve everything “.

3. “In my home, you will always be well received, so if you have nowhere to go on this New Year’s Eve, then you can come to my house. Not only will there be plenty of food and drink, but a great welcome from our hearts to you, so that you may receive the New Year very happy! “.

4. “You have always been like my guardian angel because you never let anything bad happen to me thanks to your care. I am very grateful to you and, therefore, I hope that life will reward you with endless joys during this year. Happy 2019! “.

5. “Many nice things for you are among my wishes for the New Year because you are a person too important for me and I find it impossible not to ask for the best for a friend as great as you. May God bless you so much in this 2018! ”

6. “No matter how many times I see you discouraged, I will give you my full support to continue in this race for your dreams. All of them are worth it, and seeing that you will reach them will allow me to see you happy, so I will not let you give up ever. Happy New Year! ”

7. “There are no more than a few minutes left so we can say goodbye this year that gave so many fun moments to our lives, so let’s take all those experiences as precious memories in our hearts and let’s get excited and hopeful this 2018 New Year!”.

8. “Do not let a single dream of yours remain unfulfilled in 2018. I know that you have within you the ability to make everything that comes to mind come true, so trust yourself in yourself and start an excellent and happy New Year “.

9. “Life is beautiful when it is shared with friends like you, so I hope, with all the strength of my heart, that we can continue to have this beautiful friendship during this 2018 and for the rest of our days. May you receive a Happy Year New!”.

10. “Do not be discouraged if you could not finish your ambitious projects during this year, because now you will have twelve more months for it. Will it be more difficult now because you already had other projects planned for this year? That this is a motivation to work harder and not an obstacle to stop you. ”

Do not miss the opportunity to make your friends very happy with these beautiful New Year messages. We’ll see each other very soon.

Original New Year greetings for Facebook

There are a few hours to celebrate the arrival of a new year in our lives and the excitement is increasing with each beat of the hands of the clock. We are sure that you have proposed many goals and have in mind new projects that will lead you to professional and personal success.

Do not forget to express good wishes to your loved ones and wish them good luck because their happiness is yours and nothing will fill you with more pride than to accompany them while their dreams come true.

Here we leave you a nice collection of New Year’s greetings that will motivate more than one so you can share them on your Facebook profile hoping it will serve as a Kabbalah.

Happy New Year phrases for Facebook contacts:

1. “I hope you receive the New Year with happiness. I will pray for all your dreams to be fulfilled and for your families to enjoy prosperity. Happy holidays, friends! ”

2. “We have twelve months to achieve our dreams so that we can make you want and never give up. I wish you a wonderful New Year and that you come full of happiness. ”

3. “God bless each of you and your families with unwavering willpower. That way they can fulfill all their dreams and enjoy happiness. Happy New Year!”.

4. “This affectionate greeting from New Year is for all my friends those who accompanied me in the good and bad moments until the end. Know that you have my eternal gratitude and I will do everything in my power to correspond to your great gesture of friendship. God bless you!”.

5. “This coming year promises to be full of adventures and I hope we have enough strength to take on the challenge and dare to improve. Remember that the world is in constant movement and we must leave behind the fear if we want to progress. I wish you a wonderful New Year, my great friends! ”

6. “Happy New Year, boys, I hope we can enjoy together for many more years. They know that they count on my sincere friendship and can count on me at any time and place. Let’s celebrate!”.

7. “I wish that this New Year comes full of blessings for you and your family, you deserve the best. Know that I always carry them in my memory and they have gained a space in my heart! ”

8. “From today you have 365 days full of opportunities so do not let them pass. You are a dream of your own destiny and nothing and nobody can stop you on your way to happiness. Have a wonderful New Year! ”

9. “I want to receive this new year full of joy and sharing it with you will make it much more special. I wish we achieve our goals and we are always in contact to celebrate our success in life. Happy New Year!”.

10. “I live every day with joy but at the end of the year I celebrate big with all the people that are important to me. Maybe it is not by your side but if this message came to you it is because you are worth a lot and in my heart, there is a space reserved for you. Happy New Year!”.

11. “With all my heart I wish you a great New Year in which each of your wishes come true. For this, you only need to have an unbreakable spirit and if at some point you feel that your strength fails, you know that I will support you without hesitation. Let’s go forward! ”

12. “I hope that this new year will have prepared thousands of surprises and know how to take advantage. Nothing better than sharing our happiness with those we love the most. Let’s celebrate!”.

13. “Prepare all your cabals, the New Year is coming. I hope we do not lack health, love and, money to celebrate these 365 days full of happiness. ”

14. “I want to wish you all the best in this new year and I hope to enjoy your friendship for many more years. I know that new challenges await us but we are people with the iron will and we will know how to overcome them. Happy New Year!”.

The joy of the end of the year overwhelms us and we must share it with our loved ones so choose the phrase that best identifies with you and posts it on your Facebook wall to start the next year full of positive energy.

Cute romantic phrases for New Year

If you will enjoy the joy of receiving the New Year along with the love of your life, first thank God very much, and second, do not forget to have a beautiful detail for that person who makes you sigh.

A beautiful phrase full of romance can be something that will be received with pleasure by your better half, so do not waste any more time and pay attention to the following examples that we are going to present today.

We hope you like and choose one for this important final night of 2018.

Love messages to send for New Year couple:

1. “It is impossible to deny that this has been the best year of my life because I have lived with you, but I also know that this new 2018 could overcome it because, in it, we will love each other much more. May life give us this and thousands of years more to receive them together, love! ”

2. “We have lived this date many times and I always feel it as unique thanks to you. Let us ask God to bless our union and let us continue to receive the New Year more united than ever. I love you, Happy 2018! “.

3. “For you, I always want the best because I love you, and when you are happy, I am also happy with you. This year that we said goodbye gave us many joys, so I hope that this new one, which begins today, will give us many more Happy 2018, my great love! “.

4. “You changed my life completely when you came to conquer my heart. I hope we live an eternity to feel forever your strong hugs and your sweet kisses Happy New Year, my eternal love! “.

5. “At your side, I always spend the most beautiful time of all, so I hope that this life keeps us reserving many moments to be together heart. May we live a New Year full of happiness!”.

6. “Even though we are not together, our love will always keep us together. Today we can not receive the New Year next to each other, but there are still twelve months to enjoy the beautiful relationship that the Lord has given us. May God bless our 2018! ”

7. “Let’s put aside the fights, my love, I want us to receive with joy and without resentment this beautiful time that life gives us once more Happy New Year, my better half! Forgive me for what happened and let’s start again. ”

8. “I want this feeling so strong that I have in my heart for you to continue growing during these new twelve months that God gives us. We may continue to discover more defects among us, but I know that the love we have will help us to accept and continue together. Happy New Year! “.

9. “I value very much all the efforts you put into making me happy, and I thank you very much for them. I hope that this year, I can also have the opportunity to get you lots of smiles. I love you, Happy 2018! “.

10. “As time is renewed as we move from one year to the next, let us renew our love by remembering and strengthening our marriage promises, my husband. May the New Year grant us to live with much love and harmony in this family that we have formed with our true union! ”

11. “Happy New Year, prince of my dreams! Surely you are reunited with your beautiful family and you are celebrating to give everything to them. I hope you spend a beautiful time together and that we can soon see each other to fill you with kisses. My best wishes to you, I mourn my heart. ”

12. “May the love that was born in us continue to prevail in this 2018 Happy New Year! Never forget that ours is true and will never end. ”

Come back soon for many more romantic phrases, dear reader.

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