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The best-known Christmas movies sorted from worst to best

From the bad, the best

Let’s talk clearly: Christmas movies, in general, are not very good. However, it is also true that with the binge of nougat and prawns, with the little lights of colors tiling wherever we look, with the carols filling the sound waves of each shopping center, we are drowned out by the cinephile sense and the only thing we want (especially, during hangover mornings ) is to let ourselves be carried away by the spirit of these dates.

Christmas movies

For those low moments, we have created this list of well-known Christmas movies, ordered from the ones we like the least until the most monumental ones (which also exist). Enjoy it!.

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best-known Christmas movies

  1. Jack Frost
  2. New Year’s Eve
  3. There is no place like home
  4. Christmas, good or family?
  5. The Grinch
  6. Help! It’s Christmas already
  7. The big family
  8. Christmas story
  9. Polar Express
  10. A father in distress
  11. Go, Santa Claus,
  12. The holiday(holidays)
  13. Bad Santa
  14. Arthur Christmas: Operation Gift
  15. Merry Christmas
  16. Home alone
  17. Love actually
  18. Nightmare before Christmas
  19. Placid
  20. Living is beautiful
Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Few rare Christmas movies like the justly forgotten Jack Frost . In it, a father (Michael Keaton) who does not pay enough attention to his son (was not that how all the children’s movies of the 90s started?) A traffic accident dies to return to life … IN FORM OF SNOWMAN. OUR SCORE: No. Not very strong.

New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve

Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, Sofia Vergara, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker … even Jon Bon Jovi is included in the very extensive list of famous mega actors that meets Night end of the year , a film that, of course, tells several stories that take place between New Year’s Eve and New Year. OUR SCORE : She was nominated for five Razzie awards, including worst movie, director and screenplay. I have no more questions, your honor.

There is no place like home

There is no place like home

Kate (Reese Witherspoon) and Brad (Vince Vaughn) have decided to spend Christmas traveling in an exotic paradise, but all flights are canceled and they must live with their family. In this new “journey” what you will discover will be the past of the other and, of course, the importance of the loved ones. OUR SCORE: Passable if you throw it in the AVE and you do not have any battery left in your mobile.

Christmas, good or family

Christmas, good or family?

See a cast full of well-known actors (Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde …) should be reason enough to immediately suspect any tape, especially Christmas. However, it will be precisely to enjoy so many star on stage the only thing that can be saved from this story in which four different generations of the Cooper family gather for Christmas Eve. OUR SCORE : Only for fans.

The Grinch

The Grinch

Ron Howard ( Cinderella Man, A wonderful mind ) signs the story of El Grinch, an ogre who does not like Christmas and who, to take revenge on those who love her, decides to steal the gifts of Santa Claus. OUR SCORE: Jim Carrey is spectacular and embroiders one of those bad comedians who are caught quick affection, but the whole did not convince the respectable.

Help Its Christmas already

Help! It’s Christmas already

Clark Griswold loves Christmas, and wants to live it up with his family. However, it seems that everything is allied against him to make parties more complicated than he expected. OUR SCORE: Within the comedies of blows, blows, frights, fainting and other nonsense, this film starring Chevy Chase has its effectiveness.

the big family

The big family

That a film be declared “of national interest” during the dictatorship, already gives you an idea of ​​where the shots go: good, jokes that would only make a preschooler laugh (of the fifties) and families with a lot of children. In this case, 15, with the economic difficulties that this entails for the always good-humored dad. OUR SCORE: As eye-catching and endearing as a primer of learning to read.

Christmas story

Christmas story

The spirit of Christmas past, present and future is a must of the holidays. ( Castaway, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump ) animates the classic story, with Jim Carrey at the helm. OUR SCORE: The motion capture technique is very spectacular, but it also takes a bit of “heart” from the movie.

polar express

Polar Express

Robert Zemeckis again uses the same type of animation in this film starring Tom Hanks, which emphasizes the importance of believing in Christmas and tells the story of a magical train bound for the North Pole. OUR SCORE: The denaturalization of the expressions continues without convincing us, and the message is a boring and repetitive tad.

a father in distress

A father in distress

Do you know that doll that is exhausted long before Christmas Eve arrives because everyone wants it? He is the one that Jamie asks, and his father, as he usually does not pay enough attention (the 90 attack again), decides to buy it at all costs.

OUR SCORE: It is a silly movie, but the little ones will love this crazy race in New York full of eccentricities, punches, and hurries, and the elders will be amused to see Schwarzenegger in the role of father and Santa Claus trafficking with toys.

go Santa Claus

Go Santa Claus!

Scott (Tim Allen) does not believe in Christmas, but when Santa Claus falls from his roof, he is forced to take his role. OUR SCORE: Yes, it is for children, but you can see it one morning on vacation without looking too much at the clock, smiling with the physical changes experienced by the protagonist and the surreal talks he has with the elves.

the holiday

The Holiday (Holidays)

Amanda Woods, who owns a thriving publicity agency, exchanges house at Christmas with Iris Simpkins, editor of a popular wedding column in England. Both have problems with men, but they will know love during the holidays.

OUR SCORE: Nancy Meyers ( When you least expect it, What do women think ) signs another comedy easily forgettable, at the same time entertaining, with well-known actors (Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, in this case). In the panorama of the Christmas movies, it even gets to stand out a little bit.

Bad Santa

Hitting Billy Bob Thornton in a Christmas movie is already starting winning; if we also add some evil – the protagonist is a bitter and lonely alcoholic who dresses up as Father Christmas to perpetrate robberies – the proposal is, at best, different.

OUR SCORE: We would have liked more badness – the essential beatific touch detracts authenticity from the whole – but we understand that it is the daughter of his “time”.

Arthur Christmas: Operation Gift

Santa’s house is now an efficient, technological and well-oiled gift factory, a kind of Christmas Amazon carried by Santa’s family. However, the system fails and a small one does not receive its package, which will lead the clueless Arthur to undertake the “old-fashioned” delivery, including reindeer. OUR SCORE: Entertaining and even fun for humans over eight years old.

Merry Christmas

This Oscar nominee for best non-English speaking film is based on a true story: during Christmas 1914, at the beginning of World War I, German, French and Scottish soldiers buried their differences and celebrated Christmas Eve together.

OUR SCORE: Perfect for those who seek emotional intensity (have handkerchiefs close).

home alone

Home alone

Every child has wanted to be alone at home and form a false party full of traps to prevent ruthless thieves from entering to steal. Every child (of the 80s) has wanted to be Macaulay Culkin in this legendary film. OUR SCORE: Nostalgia is a hard drug. We like this movie, and a lot.

love actually

Love Actually

Is it cloying? For almost everyone. Mythic? To 100%. We talk about Love Actually, a comedy of crossed stories in which they fit from presidents to assistants, and whose common denominator is love.

OUR SCORE: Richard Curtis’ know-how ( Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Bridget Jones Journal, Notting Hill ) is noteworthy, and he gets an endearing, entertaining and memorable product if you are in the mood for love.

nightmare before christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

When Jack Skellington discovers the land of Christmas, he is fascinated and decides to reproduce it in the Halloween world, which will bring crazy consequences in both universes. OUR SCORE: This Burtonian story (in the best sense of the word) is as macabre as it is unforgettable. We love.



“Feel a poor man at your table.” That is the motto of the good Christmas work in which a whole town participates, raffling the pariahs in an auction. OUR SCORE: Nominated for the Golden Palm of Cannes and best non-English speaking film at the Oscars with good reason. We like this acid, ironic, funny and forceful social portrait of Berlanga.

living is beautiful

Living is beautiful

George Bailey (James Stewart), owner of a small family bank, tries unsuccessfully to defend him from attempts to ruin him by a powerful banker. On Christmas Eve 1945, overwhelmed, he decides to commit suicide, but when he is about to do so, an angel shows him what the world would be like without him.

OUR SCORE: What to expect from Capra but a masterpiece? Nobody has returned to portray with such precision and tenderness the spirit of Christmas, and by the way we go, it seems that no one will ever be able to do it again. Our favorite

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