Happy new Year Wishes

New Year wishes 2019 to say Happy Birthday!

Wishes for New Year and the New Year 2019


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happy new year 2019 happy birthday wisheshappy new year 2019 happy birthday wishes

Original wishes for New Year and New Year to give them to those you love.

1. Happy New Year to you and your family. Let’s start the 2019 beginning of a creative era. Happy Birthday!

2. Happy in 2019. I wish this year’s flame of love to burn to warm and soften the hearts of all. Health, Happiness, Hope and Good Year.

3. In 2019, bring us health, prosperity and happiness, and many hugs. Potent hugs … then those that take your breath!

4. In 2019 bring in our life new hope, new expectations and leave the bitterness in the past. Let’s see ahead and smile!

5. In 2019 you can travel … to the worlds you have dreamed of, to the worlds that are the expectation of life.

6. Every year comes only once. Get the most out of it and enjoy it every moment. Happy in 2019.

7. I hope the New Year will bring you the most beautiful moments you will remember throughout your life! Health, love, smile, and power to be full of your every moment and every goal you set to achieve! Many kisses!

8. We wish you and your family, the new year to be rich in happiness and impeccable in bad times.

9. Two pigeons come to bear wishes
All you have to celebrate with laughter and joy.
1 beautiful start to have the year
9 thousand dreams come true.

10. All I want you to do with the new year and every day to roll with health and joy.

happy birthday on new year 2019 wishes

11. Happy, creative, full of dreams, messages, challenges New Year with beautiful & special moments! Colors, sounds, music & fragrances to beautify each and every day!

12. I wish Christmas and New Year to bring love and peace to you and to the world.

13. Be happy and your family. His most beautiful gift? Get your health!

14. The new year I wish many pleasures to give, and if only a few of the old to fill them up …

15. On the New Year’s Day, a thousand wishes I give, and this time to find you happy I hope.

16. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, I will have you in my arms, but only in my dream, since you are away.

17. I give you only two wishes for the new year, full of joy and passion for pain.

18. For the year that comes, my heart will do! Fate is spreading joy to walk over!

19. New Year’s Day came and I said to Santa Claus, the greatest of the joys to you to send.

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