Chinese New Year

Is and How long Chinese new year is a holiday and Chinese New Year is a religious holiday

Yes, In simple word chines new year is a public holiday in China and some other countries. If you want why and how Chinese new year comes and become a holiday then there are lot’s of information for you about the Chinese new year.

China is a well-developed country and China celebrate new year holiday. In China people celebrate many days like women’s day, children’s day and youth day, anniversary and many other days but they have seven public holidays.
Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day and National Day and New Year’s Day.

Chinese new year start on the 5th of February and celebrated by many countries in East Asia. Chinese new year also popular for Spring festivals and celebration last 15 days.

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Chinese new year is a holiday

Preparation of new year starts as like other simple new year and Christmas day. New year eve is the most celebrated and exciting part of the new year.

The most beautiful thing I like personally about the Chinese new year is people of China move back to their hometown in the new year. And also it’s largest known as the migration of the year.

In the new year, Chinese new married couples give money to children in red envelopes.

Traditions foods eaten on new years are fish, in Chinese fish called ‘surplus’ so if you read ‘surplus’ it’s mean fish.

At the end of the new year, people celebrate with parties, dancing, and signing.

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How long is the Chinese new year

What is the Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year, also called the Chinese Spring Festival or the Chinese Lunar New Year has more than 4000 years of history.
Meaning, Chinese New Year for Chinese are like Christmas for Westerners. Both say goodbye to the previous year and greet one new one.

It starts from the first day of the lunar calendar and lasts about half a month.
There are many traditional activities during the Spring Festival. How to clean a house, put clips on doors …
The most important point is the time to celebrate the family reunion. It is considered the most important festival in China.

Chinese new year holiday 2019

Celebration and holiday of chinese new yaer have the very interesting history. One traditions in the new year are that when you don’t do good for your past new year.

You can set new year resolution and new year goals at the start of the chinese new year and hope for going next year good for you.

Is the Chinese New Year a religious holiday

No, it is a traditional festive season that was created by myth and myth of antiquity.

Some Chinese Buddhists and Taoists will use their own rituals to celebrate, while some Chinese families will celebrate them by respecting their deceased ancestors/parents.

Chinese / Catholic Christians will abide by the wishes of their churches on their doors or walls.

Will China ever cancel Chinese New Year?

No, but the Chinese government has tried to belittle the significance of the Chinese New Year.

The full concept of the Chinese New Year revolves around family reunification. Regardless of the distance, you are away from, at the beginning of the year, you want to be accompanied by your loved ones, eating together on a roundtable, which symbolizes “meeting”. This mentality has already become entrenched in Chinese cultures for thousands of years.

This brings a great challenge to the government. Although the CNY cancellation proposal has been mentioned in recent years, it has never worked, even in difficult times such as the Cultural Revolution.

Instead, what they do is encourage older people to reach first-class cities where their children work. This will reduce the number of people who go from one place to another and from one to the other, and save money.

The last time it was achieved, the trip from Sichuan to Shanghai was ten times cheaper than Shanghai to Sichuan on the eve of the Chinese yuan.

In fact, this completely contradicts the essence of Chinese cultures where young people should serve the elderly. But instead of canceling it or getting involved in a car for hours, people seem to be buying this.

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