Best Christmas crafts for kids – Super easy crafts to do at home

Today we are so excited to share with you this collection of Christmas crafts for kids. A compilation that we have been gathering with many ideas for a very creative and fun Christmas. Join me to discover all these Christmas details!

Christmas crafts for kids is a fun way for children to collaborate with home decoration

A set of creative ideas for the kids to do in the classroom or at home during the Christmas holidays. The crafts are always an enhancer to promote the Christmas spirit because afterwards they will serve to decorate or, even the most miniature thing, to give to the loved ones.

I have divided the crafts into sections so that you are more comfortable finding that perfect craft for your kids. Step by step we will tell you how these crafts for kids are made.

Christmas crafts for kids

So I decided it would be only fitting to create a little Santa craft he could play with. And because I’m all about making use of the clutter around the house, I love when we can create crafts from all those paper rolls. So that’s what we did!

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how to make Santa Claus with paper

1. Letter to santa in the form of reindeer

One of the Christmas crafts for kidsthat you can share with them is to make your letter to Santa Claus, Santa Claus or the divine child. But to make it much more fun and original we bring you an idea that replaces the typical white envelope and bored with a more Christmas and colorful one.

Making the letter to Santa Claus, Santa or the divine child is one of the Christmas crafts that kids love to do.

To make this letter in the form of reindeer, you will need:

  • Letter size paper sheets in beige, brown, white, green and red colors.
  • Scissors.
  • Liquid school glue.

Help your little one make the envelopes for the letter, then help him trim the eyes, the horns, and the red nose. Once you have the clippings ready, you just have to stick them on each envelope to make it look like Santa reindeer. Very simple and cute!

Christmas crafts for children you can not miss Christmas cards

2. Christmas Soda Tea

One of the greatest values ​​that Christmas has is to teach children that any object can reuse it and become the most beautiful Christmas ornament. Ask your children to help you collect soda lids, so that when they have collected some they can paint and paste them beautiful Christmas motifs.

For these Christmas crafts with tapas you will need:

  • Soft drinks
  • Cold paint
  • Cardboard printed with Christmas motifs
  • Paper cutouts in the form of tree, star, among others.
  • Stick liquid.

To make these tops decorated, help your child to paint them as he likes, you can even make him wet his finger in paint to make the reindeer or the snowman. You can also cut Christmas trees in miniature size to stick them on the covers. The possibilities and designs are endless, and your child will enjoy making them.

Christmas soda tea

3. Christmas clips

Your child will love these cute little figures! Sometimes our Christmas tree has all the lights and balls possible but still has no doll or Santa to decorate, so this craft will really like you. Super cheap, simple and very fun to make!

To make these Christmas crafts you will need:

  • A pack of wooden clothes hangers (snaps).
  • Red, white, leather and black paint.
  • Pieces of felt in red, black and white.
  • Silicon

Ask your child to help you paint the tweezers, once they are dry, draw all the details, such as eyes, nose and smile. Use the cut pieces of felt to make the mustache, beard and hat and glue them where appropriate. Once you have completed all the procedures, you will have beautiful Christmas dolls like the ones in the picture.

Christmas clips

4. Christmas cards to give away

Offer gifts and wish good wishes is a very characteristic tradition at this time, and what better than Christmas crafts for kids to teach them how important it is to show the love we feel for others. Invite your child to give the other members of the family a personal card, with a unique design and a message. This type of gift causes a great boost of self-esteem in children, because not only are they proud to create a craft with their own hands but they can also participate by giving a gift to others!

An excellent idea is to propose to our children that they make as a gift Christmas cards to the different members of the family.

To make these Christmas cards you will only need:

  • Beige cardboard
  • Colorful patterned fabric strips
  • Liquid glue

Giving these cards is as simple as making them, because you only have to ask your child to fold the cards in equal parts. On the other hand, cut the printed strips into small pieces so that you can make the shape of the Christmas tree as seen in the image. Help your little ones to hit them one by one and add a star at the top to give it a more beautiful touch. You can also add the detail of a personal message.

Christmas cards to give away

5. Christmas tree with cloth ribbons

Decorate your child’s room with this ingenious Christmas tree idea. Maybe for these new sites to leave home to get all the materials, but we assure you that it is an original and easy craft to do with kids.

To make this Christmas tree you will need:

  • Hard cloth ribbons in red and green
  • Gift bow and golden ribbon.
  • A pine cone shaped foam rubber
  • Pins.

In this craft we recommend you to be very attentive with children, as you must use pins and they can hurt themselves. To begin, you need to decorate the fabric ribbon of both colors in the same measure. Once your child is finished, help him fold inward on the foam base and secure with a pin. The idea is to repeat the procedure alternating colors, (as in the image) to cover the entire base completely.

Once you reach the end, put a ribbon around to cover the pins, stick the golden ribbon with some ribbons on top of the tree and ready! So easy you can make a tree in minitura to decorate the children’s room.

5. Christmas tree with cloth ribbons

6. Snowmen with pots

The snowmen are synonymous with Christmas, so this Christmas craft for kids will fit perfectly with what we are looking for: They are very easy to make, and the result is hilarious!

What you need to make these navidadenos dolls:

  • Pots
  • Cold paint
  • Crochet and pompoms
  • Silicon

You only need to turn any pot you have at home (that is mud), make your little one paint it white. Then you can help him draw his face, and add some nice details like a nice crochet hat, or some nice headphones with pompoms. Ingenious, is not it?

Snowmen with pots

7. Cardboard reindeers to decorate chocolates

Christmas sweets are one of the things that children like best during these festivities, but to give that Christmas touch to sweets and chocolates during a good night’s dinner, you can do this simple craft with the help of children.

In order to make these cardboard reindeers you need:

  • Cardboard beige, brown and red
  • Plastic eyes
  • Paste liquid or silicone

Reindeer cardboard can be filled with treats and are perfect to give to other children in the family.

To know the measure of the chocolates and sweets, measure each one with the beige cardboard. Once you have the exact measurements, ask your little one to help you cut them. Then make the patterns of the little pieces and the nose with the brown and red cardboard and cut them one by one. Proceed to paste them and wrap each chocolate with them. All the little ones in the house will love it!

8. Cardboard plates to make a tree

Almost always we have a good amount of cardboard plates left over after a casual meal on Sundays. But there are many Christmas crafts for kids that you can do with them, here is a very original idea.

Cut the cardboard plates into several triangular pieces, and ask your child to paint each one green. Once all dry, place with your help, each piece of cardboard from the smallest to the largest to get the shape of the Christmas tree. With bright card-board, you can draw circles and stars to cut and add them with glue.

8. Cardboard plates to make a tree

9. Christmas tree with molds for cup-cakes

The most fun of Christmas crafts for kids, is that you do not need a lot of materials to make them look beautiful and original.

These Christmas trees are extremely easy to make and the only thing you will need is:

  • Christmas molds for cupcakes
  • Glue or adhesive tape
  • Rope or hanging tape
  • Scissors
  • Brilliantine or other ornaments that you want to place

This Christmas tree created from cupcake molds is very easy to make!

Choose cup-cakes molds with the design that your child likes and ask him to help you bend them so that they remain as shown in the image. Once you have all the molds well folded, stick one on top of the other from the pointed part, with three enough to make the little tree. Then add a star on the top or any other detail and glue them along a string to look like a garland.

Christmas tree with molds for cupcakes

10. Christmas decorations with cardboard plates

This is another pretty ingenious idea with which you can use the cardboard plates that you have left over at home. These cute Christmas faces will enchant children, and to recreate them you will need cardboard plates, cut-outs, colored pencils, cotton balls, glue and black marker.

Cut out what you will use for the Santa hat and the snowman, also remember to trim the ears of the reindeer and the nose in the shape of a carrot. Ask your child to use their colored pencils to color the faces of reindeer and Santa. Help him draw his eyes and smile and begin to paste the rest of the details, such as Santa’s beard and the pompous nose of the reindeer. Once you have placed all the details, you will have these cute Christmas dolls ready.

Christmas decorations with cardboard plates

11. Christmas crafts for kids: bright Christmas flowers

You can not imagine the number of uses that have the cardboard bath rolls, and that surely would never think you can make beautiful flowers with these. The idea is to cut them directly from the cylinder so that they retain the shape, and thus be able to stick them so that they form a flower as seen in the photo. But before doing it you can ask your little one to put a lot of glitter so they stand out when they hang on the tree.

Christmas crafts for children: bright Christmas flowers

These are some of the Christmas crafts for kids that you can try to do all the days before Christmas and New Year, to help children develop their motor skills and maximize their imagination, as well as care for the environment. environment by reusing the materials they already have at home. Do not forget to share them with your children for Christmas!

Here you can find more super easy Christmas crafts for kids to do at home.

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