Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019

Resign the old and welcome the new year, say hello in the new year and Send Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019 to colleagues, friends, fellows and family members.

You can share your Happiness with your relatives and friends. So don’t miss this chance to wish them.

Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019

This is the best time to wish some beautiful wishes to your relatives and friends. It’s the time that we have to start fresh and here we combine Chinese new year wishes to start 2019.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Wishes

  • Wish you luck in the Year of the Pig
  • Wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.
  • May you become prosperous
  • Harmony and follow your will
  • harmony and safely year around

  • May all your wishes are fulfilled
  • Prosperity for the business
  • Abundance through the year.
  • May the coming New Year bring you joy, love, and peace. Happy Chinese new year wishes.

  • Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.
  • Hοpe 2019 is Εverything you want Ιt to Βe!
  • Unless yοu Αre a Μayan enthusiast, Τhen Μy cοndolences.

Chinese new year wishes 2019

1. The sound of firecrackers will ignite the fuse of joy, and the family reunion will taste the happiness. The lights on New Year’s Eve shine like the stars in the night sky, and the thousands of families are shining in the happy ocean. Happy laughter spreads all over the place, and a happy smile lingers on everyone’s face. May you have a good night on New Year’s Eve, a happy life waiting for you to create!

2. Happiness enters the countdown, happiness is ready to go, the wishful bell is ringing immediately, the auspicious fireworks are about to bloom, the beautiful festival is approaching, the blessing message is sent immediately, New Year’s Eve is coming, I hope you will have fun and happiness. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

3. New Year’s Eve night, firecrackers sing, laugh and laugh, congratulate Xinyi, wish good luck, good luck, happy New Year, good luck, good luck, good health, good luck, good luck!

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4. The wax is warm in the spring, and the Dinghai is even older. This evening’s banquet. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

5. The sky flutters and flies, ushers in the New Year, let the long-lost souls get together, I deeply wish you: Happy New Year! May my blessings melt the winter and warm your heart!

6. At this time of the year, blessings will flow to you like the ocean. I hope my blessings will be like a boat, bringing you the breath of the new spring. Thank you for your support and help over the past year. I will say to you here: Happy Chinese new year 2019

7. I am so tired and panting, running in the wind, just to give you the earliest New Year greetings with the fastest speed. The Year of the Pig will arrive, and the Friendship Year of the Pig will be auspicious and the family will be completed.

8. On New Year’s Eve, send a reunion dinner: I use the true feelings of “cold” to be happy, blessing “boiled” with wishfulness, with greetings “steamed” auspicious, praying “oily” for pleasure, wishing you happy New Year’s Eve Everything goes smoothly. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

9. The firecrackers are accompanied by laughter, the fireworks fly with joy, the Spring Festival couplets write a lot of drunkenness, the red package is full of happiness, talk about yesterday’s successful sweetness, and immerse in today’s sweet beauty. Happy New Year’s Eve, congratulations on making a fortune, the arrival of good luck.

10. The warmest words are in the heart of the nest, the most enjoyable moment at this moment, the future has wistfulness, the most beautiful smile has bloomed. Happiness is crowded, good luck is gathering, friendship is sublimating, and enthusiasm is boiling. On New Year’s Eve, I wish you happiness. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

11. Reunion night reunion, reunion round the new year; New Year’s Eve laughs open, happy new year; Happy Years Blessing, pass the blessing of the god of wealth; New Year’s Eve, friends, sincerely wish you a happy New Year, the whole family Reunion forever!

12. Because you are not good at financial management, long-term debt management, owe the next ass love debt, family bonds, friendship debts, human debts, fleeing on the New Year’s Eve, now all creditors are rewarding Q coins all night, go to self-defense, give you a red envelope

13. The bell is still not ringing, your mobile phone has not been blasted, and my New Year’s Eve text message is first reported: New Year, New Year’s greetings, I wish you good health, golden monkeys with no troubles, and Meimei Le Taotao, Great luck is great

14. The New Year’s Eve eats dumplings, and the group is round and round. The girl wants money to be a child. The girl is a dutiful son. She knows that she is a talented person. It is gold to receive blessings, and a blessing is not a blessing. I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve, happy holiday. Happy Chinese New year wishes.

15. Snowflakes are quiet, dumplings are hot, you and I are free, children are busy, troubles are fake, blessings are true, windows are cool, heart is warm, good luck in the Year of the Pig, destined to be rich The Spring Festival is too happy, the most beautiful is New Year’s Eve. Wish Happy New Year’s Eve, the Year of the Pig!

Chinese new year wishes 2019

Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019

  1. The dragon and lion danced out of happiness, and the firecrackers sounded happy. The lanterns are high-hanging and auspicious, and they are open to the United States. Wonderful spring evenings, the dumplings are full of fragrance. The bell rings the silver monkey year, and it is brighter and clearer all night. Wishing friends to get together, and joyful years. Happiness is like a flower, and the Year of the Pig makes a lot of money.
  2. Welcome the lucky door god, paste the festive Spring Festival couplet, hang up the Xixiang’s New Year’s picture, and ignite the good luck lanterns; New Year’s Eve is here, I wish you luck and happiness, joy and goodness, good luck, good luck, good luck Come brilliant. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.
  3. The value of a factory lies in peace, wealth and wealth, more wealth, thank the leadership, guide us to seek happiness, a blessing on the door to congratulate the New Year, more than a year to send wishes, I hope you enjoy the Spring Festival family.
  4. New Year’s Eve bells, ringing the joy of the New Year for you; reunion dumplings, to celebrate the joy of your family; beautiful fireworks, for you to bloom tomorrow; warm greetings, for your devout blessings: wish Happiness and well-being, no luck. Happy New Year’s Eve!
  5. On New Year’s Eve tonight, I use zero to “divide” all the troubles, which means that all the troubles are “smoke”. I make the “out” lucky tokens, which means that my family is with you. I am careful to “save” the blessings. It is equal to your Chinese New Year’s Eve “festival”! Wish you a happy Chinese New Year’s Eve.
  6. At the moment is an interpretation of happiness. At this time, it is a happy expression. This is an auspicious mark. This second is a description of reunion. On New Year’s Eve, I hope that you will have a happy family, happy and best Happy Chinese new year wishes.
  7. Send you a 100% pure love candy: ingredients = true heart + miss + happy, effective period = life, nutrition = warm + happiness + moving, manufacturer: true friends! I wish you a happy Chinese New Year, all the best!
  8. The house is covered with snow and the house is in the house. Just for the year of the pig, happy around. The horse has run far and the sheep is screaming. Happy Yang Guandao, let you enjoy. The Year of the Pig is here, I wish you a healthy family, no troubles!
  9. The eighth place is not the sheep. The good luck is the most auspicious. Lucky Fortune is happy, healthy and safe. The brilliant cause is famous, and the family has a good wife. I wish you a lucky year of money, I hope you will be happy. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.
  10. Yuyang is accompanied by a group of people, and the purple gas is rising to the sheep. Good luck and good wishes, and welcome the ‘Yangcai’ door to open. A few years of life, a good life, good health, and good health. I wish you a year of the pig, longevity, and enjoyment!
  11. The Year of the Pig came to the blessing, and Ji Yang wished you Ji Anxiang. On the flaming days, the songs sing, and the joy of life is sunny. Silver sheep wish you a wealth of money, food, and clothing, worry-free number of banknotes. I wish you a good start in the Year of the Pig, Changshou Changkang Yifanshun.
  12. Blessings can’t be blind, and you really pray for you. It’s hard to be happy, and the days are dazzling. There is countless money, and good luck is all the way. The gods care for you and enjoy the blessings. The Year of the Pig is coming, I hope you are really happy!
  13. Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you a happy wish again and again! I wish you a wonderful wish! A beautiful wish wishes you, sweet love!
  14. The sheep hangs on the silver bell, and the song sings all the way. Sending blessings to the world, the road is getting wider and wider. Singing happy flowers, silver flashing colorful. May you have a good year in the Year of the Pig, and you will be happy. Happy Chinese new year wishes.
  15. The beginning of the spring breeze to the Year of the Pig, the sound of singing and singing. Thousands of families are happy to welcome the rich and smile. I have a blessing in my heart and quietly sent to you. May you have a sweet love in the Year of the Pig, and you will have a happy family.
Chinese new year wishes to colleagues

Chinese new year wishes to colleagues

1. The pig year has not yet arrived, Xiangyang knocks on the door, and you are auspicious, you are auspicious; two voices, you are happy; three voices, you are happy; four voices, you are safe; five voices, you are healthy; six voices You are well-developed! I wish you a good year in the Year of the Pig!

2. Blessings and blessings are many blessings. Blessings and blessings are the starting point of blessing. Blessing is a blessing of blessings. Blessings are blessings of blessings, blessing you and being happy and happy, Happy Chinese New Year wishes 2019.

3. The spring breeze warms into the Tusu, and the New Year arrives at the sheep. Fu Lu Shou Xing was fully driven and sent good luck. Health and happiness have no troubles, life is not old than Nanshan people. The cause is step by step, and the wife and children are laughing. I wish you a happy family in the Year of the Pig, happy life until old!

4. Use a pair of bright eyes to discover the beauty of the Year of the Pig, create a wealth of the Year of the Pig with a pair of hard-working hands, greet the happiness of the Year of the Pig with a tolerant heart, and warm the scenery of the Year of the Pig with a brilliant dream. Happy Year of the Pig!

5. The shouts called the door, and went into the pig year. Auspicious songs and good news, open the door and bless the road. Silver glitters the aging, jade color point game ingot. Feel happy, no worries, healthy and happy. May you have a happy smile in the Year of the Pig, happy and happy to jump. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

6. Pain is someone else’s, happiness is your own; trouble will be temporary, friends are always eternal; love is managed with heart, there is no big deal in the world. Happy New Year! A thousand miles to ask if it is safe? Love and care, full of affection and blessings. Happy Chinese new year!

7. Raise the happy sail and advance into the warm harbor of the Year of the Pig. Play the horn of the dream and drive into the hall of happiness in the Year of the Pig. Listen to the song of the spring breeze and depict the splendid picture of the Year of the Pig. Touch the vibrations of the soul and convey the warm blessings of the Year of the Pig. May you be happy and happy in the Year of the Pig.

8. The Year of the Pig is a beautiful scenery in the reincarnation of the years, and it is full of splendor; the Year of the Pig is a happy melody in the seasons, and it is happy to float; the Year of the Pig is a warm memory in the years of life, full of blessings. May you have a good year in the Year of the Pig, all the best!

9. There is a silent blessing in the place where the sun shines. When the moonlight shines on the earth, I have a silent prayer. When the meteor passes, I made a wish: I wish you peace and health, happy Chinese New Year wishes!

10. The colorful and colorful, the beautiful spring of the Year of the Pig. The joyful silver sheep jumped and danced to sing a big show. Friends of the wine and fragrance, and a common drink. Join hands with the pig year to build a great cause, and I want to achieve success. May you have a “Yo” all the way to the Year of the Pig!

11. The Year of the Pig is a blessing, and the sentences are passed from the heart. Opening the door to meet the Year of the Pig, I hope that the salary of the year will rise. The development of the factory has been carried out, and the business has achieved the ocean shore. Open up new trails to earn foreign currency, and return to the boss to be an official. I hope that you will be happy in the Year of the Pig, and multinational companies will make money!

12. Resign the old and welcome the new year, say hello to the new year. Zhu Jun: New Year’s New Face, New Year’s New Weather, New Year’s New Beginning, New Year’s New Beginning, New Year’s New Mood, New Year’s New Fortune, New Year’s New Situation, New Year’s New Harvest, New Year’s New Leap. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

13. The Spring Festival is coming to the front, and I will give you a year to come. I wish you a good year, a good year, a happy and happy year, a happy and happy year, a happy and auspicious year, a happy year. !

14. The spring bell rings and the New Year’s footsteps. Wishing the bells of the New Year, ringing the happy notes in your heart, luck and peace, such as the footsteps of spring closely follow! Chunhua Qiushi, I will always be with you!

15. The Spring Festival blessing is coming! The person who sent it is sincere and sincere, the people who received it are very happy, the people who read it are good, the people who store it are sweet, the people who forward it are all the best, the people who are going are still going well! Happy Chinese New Year!

Good Chinese new year wishes in English

1. Wishing you on the occasion of the Spring Festival: the eastbound auspicious, the south goes smoothly, the west goes out safely, the north goes without care, the middle has health; the left Fengyuan, the right developed, the former has a lucky star, the latter has a bodhisattva; the inside accumulates a thousand dollars, the layman is good Yun! Happy Spring Festival!

2. Happy New Year in New Year! My blessings! I sincerely wish you all the best: high responsibility, light duty, less money and more close to home, sleep every day to wake up naturally, others work overtime to raise your salary, get the money to get cramps, The prostitute loves you to make nerves. New Year auspicious. And happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

3. Years of 30, it is really good; posted Spring Festival children, more lively; cut window flowers, Le Taotao; sing songs, heart is not old; happy things, came; family, Qi laugh. May you have a happy New Year’s Eve night, and a happy family.

4. Plum blossoms reveal spring news, fireworks celebrate to New Year’s Eve. The red and red couplets are auspicious, and the sound of firecrackers is blooming. The group is round and round, and the New Year is safe. I wish you all the best in the new year!

5. New Year’s Eve, the golden monkey laughs, the pig year music Taotao. Set off firecrackers, eat dumplings, and bless you to run. Steaming rice cakes, stepping on stilts, life is happy. I wish you happiness and health in the new year!

6. New Year, New Year, the small intestine and small stomach is busy, big fish and meat on the table, good wine and good food come, advise you to pay attention, do not forget the health of the Chinese New Year. On New Year’s Eve, firecrackers sing, I wish you good health and good luck!

7. Put on a good luck robes, encircle the auspicious collar, buckle the happy color buckle, slap the festive red envelope, step into the happy New Year’s Eve; wish you good luck with the New Year’s Eve, auspicious, happy, surrounded by joy, happy and happy!

8. New Year’s Eve is coming, I want to send you a lucky fish, your table is already on the table; I want to send you a happy dumpling, you have already eaten in your mouth; you have to give you three keys: a key to open the door of happiness A key to unlocking the door to wealth, a key to unlocking the door to success; may you have these three keys to succeed in the new year. Happy Chinese new year wishes 2019.

9. On New Year’s Eve, I will put a happy Spring Festival couplet at your doorstep to make you happy forever. Put a lucky window on your window to make you always lucky. Put a healthy new year on your door to keep you healthy and happy forever. Put a happy blessing on every door of your house to make you happy forever. Happy New Year’s Eve!

10. The fireworks bloom like a star, and the sound of firecrackers is deafening. New Year’s Eve is full of fun, and the family stays until dawn. The show is wonderful and laughs, and the family reunion is strong. SMS blessing around, love is really close to friends. Happy New Year’s Eve!

11. Draw a pendulum for you, make a pen for happiness, good luck as a paper, healthy grinding, true heart, then fold into a miss, give it to you on New Year’s Eve, and bless you and your family for a lifetime of peace, and Happiness is always with you!

12. It is a firework that light up the land of China; it is a firecracker that peacefully settles thousands of households; it is concerned with, and draws closer to the ends of the earth; it is a blessing and warmth to friends and relatives. On the New Year’s Eve night, I hope that your rabbit will take advantage of the anger and luck.

13. Point firecrackers! Good luck, every day, every day; mood, every day laughs; auspicious, always broke the news; happiness, the most explosive; troubles, often bursting up the door; a blessing, detonating the pig year fortune, Zhu Hongtu exhibition, good luck!

14. On New Year’s Eve, I hope you have “except” troubles, “eve” happiness; “except” bad luck, “eve” good luck; “except” disease, “eve” health; “except” Failure, “Xi” success; “except” sorrow, “eve” happiness; “except” all the disappointment, the person has “New Year’s Eve”, do things “New Year’s Eve”, New Year’s New “New Year’s Eve”!

15. New Year’s Eve laughs and sighs, deep blessings; Pig Year wishes you laugh, accompanied by firecrackers; career brilliant, brighter than fireworks; happy events, compares red; love sweet, more fragrant than dumplings. Congratulations to Xinyi, I will give you a New Year!

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