Chinese New Year Greetings

88 Chinese new year greetings 2019

Chinese new year greetings are the best way to greet new year and here we provide you best Chinese new year greetings 2019 to greet your family, friends are those who are in a relationship with you.

The Chinese New Year 2019 will take place from February 5 to onward. During the Lunar New Year period the Chinese will greet each other with unique words when they meet, where they normally do not greet people with whom they do not have a personal relationship.

Chinese new year greetings 2019

The following are some words and phrases that are used as Chinese new year greetings 2019(with their Chinese characters, Pinyin Romanization for Mandarin Chinese).

Principles of Chinese New Year greetings 2019

The Chinese new year Greetings to an older (or respected) person is a little different: nín for “you”, instead of nǐcommon. For example:

1. The Golden Rooster sends the old money to the ground, and the pig welcomes the Spring Festival! At the arrival of this Spring Festival, Mingyu sincerely wishes you and your family a happy Chinese new year, good health, happy family and good luck!

2. There are always some friends in my life who are hard to forget. There are always some days to cherish most of the year. From spring to summer, from strange to familiar, although you can’t think of it from time to time, you will gently ask on a special day: Happy Chinese new year greetings 2019. 

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3. the Spring Festival holiday is coming, think about nothing to give you, and do not intend to give you too much, only to give you 50 million: be happy! Be healthy! Be sure to be safe! Be content! Don’t forget me!

4. New year and new weather, the holiday is over, concentrate on doing work, create a good performance for a year; reduce the entertainment, reduce the income after the fake, work hard to make a new career, and make a new achievement; Create your own glory.

5. The joy of the mood, the joy of Chinese New Year’s Day, the joy of missing, the message of blessing for you to jump, the warm smile for you to please, the good wishes for you to leap, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year every day, the door to success waiting for you to jump!.
Chinese new year greetings 2019.

6. The puppy runs the puppy to jump, the New Year message is “sent” early. The puppies are noisy and the cocks are screaming. The puppy holds the puppy and the old “welcome” is delicious. The puppy is called a puppy, and the “Dog King” is on the go! Chinese New Year

7. Dear leaders, thank you for your wise leadership and careful care. Thank you for your sincere blessings: May you have a good fortune, happy family, round, Pepsi, all the best.

8. the Chinese civilization for five thousand years, resigning the old and welcoming the new from ancient times. Fingers play the poems lightly, blessing the text message to send warmth. Celebrate the prosperity of the country, and promote the virtues of the family. The electric wave is far away from the scene, and the festival is full of colorful springs. Chinese new year greetings 2019.

9. A chalk two sleeves breeze, three feet of the platform for four seasons, five days of busy sixty-seven, endless thinking for a long time, all kinds of teaching, a thousand words of teaching, dripping sweat water peaches all over the world, happy new year!

10. Happy new year, I wish you: good health, good luck, family fun, life is full, career is successful, Zhu Yu full of halls, more life and more wealth, rich and powerful, attack is invincible, invincible!

11. The Great Cold, the Great Cold, the disease is chilling and escaping to escape from you, troubles and ruthlessly abandon you, only good luck and happiness, cold and affectionate love you, health and peace and cold and painstakingly accompany you; wishing the cold and happy!
Chinese new year greetings 2019

12. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you and your family happiness and good health, Le Chi Thousand Miles, and take it to the next level! New Year’s resignation, I wish you a new beginning in the new year, new harvest, happy new year, good luck!

13. Don’t give gifts, don’t give gifts, the gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, drinking water, I only drink pure water. Happy new year, happy new year, early year of the year of the dog, we will bless the new year!

14. Spring Festival Evening is the New Year’s Eve dinner, all the color materials are put all together, the color matching is very good, the weight is not simple, the mouth is difficult to adjust a pot of food, some people drink chopsticks, there are people called takeaway, eat the New Year’s Eve, wish a year of happiness happy!

15. New Year’s Day is not a gift, send a text message to bless you, healthy and happy to sing with you, good luck and you are not separated, and let me tell you, God of Wealth has followed you, banknotes and jewelry are given to you, happy life belongs to you. Happy Chinese new year greetings 2019.

16. New Year’s dinner for you, a good experience remember the heart of the New Year’s Eve feast reunion, the first dumplings family, the second day noodles to keep safe, the third day of the box is good, happy and wishful, happy and happy New Year!

17. The New Year is coming, I will work on the stamps, the true postmarks, the envelopes of happiness, write on health, fill in happiness, add good luck, pay attention to peace, attach auspiciousness, and then put it into the sweet postbox. I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

18. 365 sunrises a year, my heart has 365 blessings, 365 sunsets a year, my heart has 365 wishes, I wish you health and health, another 365, I hope you can safely another 365, New Year’s Day happy.

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19, New Year’s Eve loves to condense, the lover is holding hands and laughing sweetly; the New Year’s Eve is flying, the family is sitting around the song melodious; the New Year’s Eve is whispering, and I wish the father and the filial piety filial love more concentrated, home and everything. Chinese new year greetings 2019.

20. Dear, I can’t be with you at this moment, but I use my deepest thoughts to let Yuner slap my blessings to embellish your sweet dreams. May you have happiness and happiness with me forever.

Chinese new year greetings Cantonese

Chinese new year greetings Cantonese
  • Good luck for this year of pig 2019
  • Good luck for this year of Pig.Cantonese Chinese New year greetings 2019.
  • The best wines and houses
  • Sun around you. Congratulations

Chinese New Year greetings good health

  • The spirit of the dragon and the horse
  • Have good health
  • A bright and lively spirit (used especially for children under 10, to which we want to be active and intelligent)

Happy Chinese New Year Greetings 2019

  1. I hope that you are happy every day like the kettle on the stove, although the butt is burnt hot, but still blowing a happy whistle, braving a happy bubble! Wish you a Happy New Year!
  2. The first sunshine that appeared in the morning sun is my deep blessing to you. The last blush of the sunset is my loyal greeting to you. On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, send me my sincere wishes: Happy Year of the Dog!
  3. Rejoicing and wishing, year after year, heart and heart; a greeting to bless you, the word of peace will never leave; flowers bloom and meet, the tiger year is full of joy.
  4. Ruyi spring breeze auspicious rain, mountains and rivers beautiful swallow dance. A happy life is coming to the spring, and happiness is blooming. Peaceful health is a blessing, and it is easy to create a five-lake. Spring is coming to hope, and intensive cultivation is not afraid of suffering. May you smile and open your face in the spring, and cultivate a happy circle.Chinese new year greetings 2019.
  5. The Spring Festival congratulations, send a text message to bless you; successful career belongs to you, happy smile around you, healthy longevity trailing you, you have to inform you, God of Wealth also visit you! Happy new year!
  6. The God of Wealth on New Year’s Eve, the whole family laughs and laughs; the spring is like a scream, good things are uninterrupted; the summer is hot, Europe and America are your tours; Jinqiu Chongyang Festival, career step by step! …to give you a New Year!
  7. Over a little bit, stay in the heart, bless a sentence, send you around, new year and new weather, everything for a new face, the new development of the year of the dog, brilliant and splendid, I wish you more luck, blessings often accompanied, blessings as you wish Everything is more brilliant.
  8. One year has a spring, spring, and spring you are happy; one year a summer, summer, and summer you are developed; one year has autumn, autumn, and autumn you harvest; one year a winter, winter, and winter you succeed; every year there are festivals, every day auspicious! happy New Year. Chinese new year greetings 2019.
  9. The year of the dog, the year of the dog. On the second day of the year, it is necessary to get up early. See friends and family, home often. To worship each other, Geely asked. Exercise often, good health. Always open-minded, good luck. I often smile, no troubles. Happy companion, happy!
  10. The Spring Festival greetings come, I wish you in the New Year: career is in the sky, the mood is sunny, the salary is overturned, the Spring Festival greetings the future, the love is still romantic, happy game world.
  11. In a hurry, the Year of the Rooster is about to end; turn around, the Year of the Dog is about to debut; pass the biography, the message of blessing cannot be passed; read thoughts, the thoughts in my heart are spreading. I wish you a happy new year and happiness!
  12. New Year’s Day, no gifts, send a text message to you. Although the text message is small, the friendship can be expressed, and happiness is always with you, happiness is always in love with you, peace will surround you from then on, health and you will never be separated. Happy Chinese new year greetings 2019.
  13. Send a rose, leave a handful of fragrance; be kind to others, be self-contained; peace and care, a hundred years of well-being. One thousand and one nights of prayer, only for the wishes of this day: I wish you a Chinese New Year 2019, happy forever!
  14. I want to be happy, simple life is happiness, I want to be happy, love one is happy, and love is happiness. Being surrounded by happiness is happiness, happiness is simple! So you have to be happy too!
  15. Because of dreams, the years are not old, and youth is forever. Year by year. The sound of firecrackers sounded far away, and the door of hope was already open. Embracing you with the bell of the New Year is my heartfelt blessing.
  16. The new text message, with a hot blessing, hot and good luck, fragrant auspicious, as a meal on your reunion dinner, eat a good body, warm in my heart. happy Chinese New Year!
  17. Happy Chinese New Year! Although the Chinese New Year greetings 2019 have filled your phone, although these four words are not enough to express my excitement, even though such simple words are commonplace, I can’t help but say to you: Happy New Year!
  18. At the beginning of the new year, the threshold is blessed. Teach the dog to whip and bring the wine to spring. Heaven and earth are happy, Vientiane is updated. The karaoke frequency is played, and the flowers are laughing. Look up and see the dog, the dog is successful. The Spring Festival is here, I wish you a happy Spring Festival.
  19. Happy New Year, my partner! I hope that you will be happy every year, every month and every month, everything will be happy and happy, always happy and happy, full of vitality!
  20. Tear off the calendar of the old year, delete the troubles, and refresh the happiness. Send the blessings of the New Year, copy good luck, and let happiness update. I wish you a happy new year and good luck in the New Year. happy New Year.

Best Chinese New Year 2019 Greetings

1. New Year’s Day weather forecast: New Year’s Day, large and large areas will be banknotes, Northeast China North American banknotes, northwestern rubles, Huazhong South China Banknotes, check in the southeastern part, gold bars in some areas, New Year’s Day slogan changed to: New Year’s Fortune!

2. Chinese New Year’s Day arrives in the New Year. In the past, troubles drifted with the wind, and the past has been forgotten. I am happy and happy. I always smile when I am sad. I feel strong and optimistic. Everything is smooth and happy, and the Year of the Dog will be better! Best Chinese new year greetings 2019

3. In the New Year, I hope that all your stories will be wonderful, all the endings will be completed, all dreams will be realized, all hopes will be fulfilled, all good luck can be budgeted, and all the contributions can be fulfilled! happy New Year!

4. New Year’s Day, ask the sound is good; smile mouth open, no troubles; body stick, safe around; Fuxing photo, enjoy glory; big fortune, sentence.

5. ​​In order to thank my friends for their support and care over the years, I have a great bargain during New Year’s Day. Anyone who has a status in my heart will receive a New Year’s Day blessing message worth one yuan from me! Don’t forget to invite me to dinner.
Chinese new year greetings 2019.

6. The New Year is coming to ask a good text message blessing to report, the financial resources are rolling forward, the career is developed step by step, life is good and everything goes smoothly, good luck has been handed over every day, I hope you are happy and wonderful, forward eight people to show the effect of the Spring Festival!

7. On the journey of life, you are igniting the light of hope for me, inserting the ideal wings for me, soaring in the ocean of knowledge. Thank you teacher. Happy New Year!

8. New Year, blessing; greetings, affection; more meat, less tobacco; more walks, less depressed; forget troubles, welcome good; throw sorrow, often smile; friends, forget. Wish you a Happy New Year!

9. The ringing is the bell. The years passed, the story is left, the hope is taken away, the hope is good, the blessing is sent, may you: Happy New Year! Peace and happiness, step by step!

10. Now broadcast news: Today’s New Year’s Eve to the first day of tomorrow, your friends and family around you will celebrate the New Year, your mobile phone will appear one after another, the laughter surrounds you, the next 52 weeks happy!

11. The new year, a new starting point, starting from the first day of the new year: there is persistence and abandonment, the road to be designed is good, the dream to be done is planned well; the people around you are treated with sincerity, not false or deceived; Do everything well, don’t back down, don’t take risks; face frustration, dare to take responsibility, be good at summing up, diligently thinking, and aiming for high. May you make a wonderful new year, the Year of the Dog.

12. The songs are shining and the flames are rushing into the sky. The Year of the Dog is coming and going, and the mood is happy and blessed. Along with friends and family, there are so many auspicious words. I wish you good health in the Year of the Dog, happy and happy Chinese new year greetings 2019.

13. bursts of cannons, opening the good fortune of the Year of the Dog; sparkling fireworks, bringing joy to the New Year; red couplets, reflecting the light of happiness; vocal laughter, the desire to reunite; the blessing of the sentence, the bridge of friendship: the new year Come, may you be auspicious!

14. the New Year is coming to send blessings, the family into the money tree, the tree blossoms like a flower, the flowers fall into a pistachio, the love birds often accompany, the happy birds turn around, all parked in your home, never give up forever. Happy New Year!

15. The so-called happiness is a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a person who loves you deeply, a group of trusted friends, when the New Year is coming, when you receive this message, everything goes with Have it!

16. My information comes with the new year firecrackers. My message comes with good luck. My message is surrounded by happiness and joy. My message is accompanied by heartfelt blessings: I wish you a happy Spring Festival and good luck!

17. On the first day of the New Year’s Day, my blessings will take the lead. I wish you peace every day. The dragons and tigers are healthy, the careers are developed and promoted, the financial resources are wide and the welfare is boundless, the family is reunited with great reunion, and the future is broad and sunny. Happy Chinese new year greetings 2019.

18. New Year’s Day arrived, I wish you often cook fresh eggs, smile than flowers; have time to eat green eggs, environmental protection is also low-carbon; morning and evening fried health eggs, exercise health. Don’t eat crunchy eggs, you can become a fool! happy New Year!

19. May the light of the Spring Festival shine on your every day, let the sun and flowers fill your life journey. New year, new starting point, new blessings, new expectations!

20. Flowers are unrestrained and the road to success is ahead. The wine is not drunk and everyone is drunk, and the performance climbers praise. A year of hard work and hardships, turned into tears. I hope that you will work hard again in the new year and create a brilliant career!

Chinese new year greetings phrases pig

  1. olorful and colorful, the year of the pig is beautiful. The pig jumped and danced and danced together. Friends of the wine and fragrance, and a common drink. Join hands with the Year of the Dog to build a great cause, and I want to achieve success. May you be a year of the dog, all the way to the sun!
  2. ingtones, songs, information sounds, sounds and blessings. Happy things, happy things, happy things, everything goes well. This year, next year, the following year, good luck every year. One year old, ten years old, one hundred years old, and old. I wish you a happy Chinese New Year! Healthy body!
  3. reetings, no matter how early or late, there is no order of blessing; sincerely convey the true feelings, think of it is worse than done; the distance is no longer far away, waiting is no longer long. Happy to be with you forever, happiness is always the same!
  4. The New Year’s Day bell has stopped, the ignited fireworks have been extinguished; the thoughts in the heart continue to spread, the blessing of the text message has not been finished; warm greetings, I hope you are happy, happy!
  5. he red flag is high and smiles, plum blossoms bloom in the New Year. Trouble with the old dust, and bring happiness to move forward. Wealthy roads lead, and the heroic spirit is refreshing and new. The Cotai Strip is in front of you, rushing to the bright sun. I wish you a happy New Year and be brave!
  6. The earth is around drop, sugar cane is a sweet drop, my text message is a dime. I wish you a happy New Year is not to say that the play is true, the mind is very effective, the forwarding is very effective, this is recommended by scientific argument experts!
  7. Send you a pig: the first layer, considerate! The second layer, care! The third floor, romantic! The fourth floor, warm! Middle mezzanine, sweet! I wish you a good mood every day. Good Chinese new year greetings 2019
  8. New Year, I made a wish: I just said that I hope the sky is clear, and the clouds are overlaid. I just said that the house price fell to the end, and the result was immediately high. Only pray that you are happy, there is no abnormality to hinder, this is the next spirit!
  9. New Year’s Day is the beginning of the year, New Year’s Day is the opening of a line, New Year’s Day is a happy reunion, New Year’s Day is a family reunion! This New Year’s Day, let us work hard together and be the best of ourselves!
  10. Joy, swaying in the heart; smile, overflowing in the cheeks; singing, reverberating in the melodious; dance steps, wandering freely; fireworks, in full bloom; blessing, frequently sent. Friends, Happy New Year! I wish you happiness, happy family!
  11. At the end of the year to follow the arrival of the year … the end of the year to guide the end of the year. Let us put down our tired body to listen to this silent pace. Those cheers and tears that have passed, let them come to an end here. happy New Year!
  12. New Year’s Day holiday is thinking of you, send a text message to bless you, successful business belongs to you, happy smile often with you, healthy longevity thinking of you, peace reunion around you. Finally, I want to inform you that Grandpa Goddess also wants to visit you! Ready!
  13. I will take out a coin to throw it. If you face up, you will be happy for a lifetime, and if you face up, you will be happy. But it is standing up! God said that there is no way, let you be happy forever!
  14. Happy Spring Festival, licking the belly music, covered with quilt music, flowing nose, happy, happy, happy, I don’t want to be happy, I think I am more happy, healthy and happy at this time. Chinese new year greetings 2019.
  15. Send the chicken to welcome the year of the dog, resign the old year to welcome the new year, put the firecrackers to the Spring Festival couplets, the sound blessings and joys, the past, the past, the glory of the sky, the new year of the new year, the new year of the dog, I wish you Successful smile!
  16. Congratulations, congratulations! I wish you a wealth of money, Fuxing and high photos! Blessing, wealth, luck, popularity, everything is not lacking, I wish you a rich and expensive year!
  17. Snowflakes are quiet, dumplings are hot, you and I are free, children are busy, troubles are fake, blessing is true, the window is cool, the heart is warm, the dog is good luck, destined to make a fortune The Spring Festival is too happy, the most beautiful is New Year’s Eve. Wish Happy New Year’s Eve, the Year of the Pig! Chinese new year greetings 2019.
  18. New Year’s Eve is happier, and every family is reunited. Three generations of the same family enjoy happiness, and the old and the young are happy to open the face. Grandma and grandma got Sun Le, and the son and grandson went around the knee. The sound of firecrackers is old, and the age will be clear until the day. Wishing the good luck of the Year of the Dog, the whole family is healthy and healthy!
  19. SMS to report, the blessing will wrap you around; Spring Festival is good after the festival is also very good; after the rest of the adjustment, the body is light and sad to throw; early spring is still cool, exercise cannot be less; after the work is busy, remember health.
  20. The year of the dog is coming, the phone text message is bursting, my text message arrives ahead of time, just to give you a good birthday! I wish you a red envelope for the New Year, health around you, happily laughing all day, happy and happy to embrace! I wish you a happy Spring Festival holiday.
    Chinese new year greetings 2019
  21. The dog king fluttering down the world, young and old oh oh-oh smile face; Fu Wang more and long-term, friends and people are connected; work all the top, the partner is on the handle; fortune to make big money on the day, live and work in the sun. Happy Chinese New Year!

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