Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2019, custom etiquette and greetings

New Year is a traditional custom of Chinese folks. It is a way for people to resign and welcome new ideas and express their best wishes. The “Spring Festival Chinese New Year Customs Etiquette and Blessings” collected by is for your reference.

Chinese New Year 2019 custom etiquette and greetings

[Basic etiquette for the Spring Festival]

1. Choose the right time for the New Year: If necessary, you can first report to the owner to avoid running once. If you are not ready to eat, the time is between 9 am and 11 am. Too early, it may be that people have not gotten up, and the habit of taking a break during the holidays; too late, it is inappropriate for people to eat. The afternoon should be between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. To the elders to celebrate the New Year, arrange to show respect in the festival.

2. The Spring Festival to pay attention to clothing and neatness: Clean and holiday, dress and dress should be neat and generous and put on some good clothes to give people a festive beauty. It is necessary to pay attention to the standardization of the title: to visit other people’s homes, especially to relatives and relatives, to know the names of elders and peers that may be encountered in advance, so as to avoid the embarrassing scene and make people feel less polite.

3. “Geely words” should be said to be appropriate: There should be different congratulations for different people. When talking, please pick a happy topic on both sides, don’t talk about sadness and sadness, don’t talk loudly, don’t talk about it, don’t argue too much, and want to congratulate the new truth in a relaxed, friendly and natural atmosphere. Show it out.

4. When you are in New Year, you must be polite: The owner will send the tea, and he will pick up his hands and thank him. The host entertains the food and can give it to the child first, then take a small amount of it.

5. when you are happy in the New Year, you must have moderation: Master the moderation. It is not advisable to make loud noises, and it is not appropriate to go all night, so as not to affect the neighbors and prevent others from rest. At the end of the New Year, we would like to express our gratitude and invite people to return. Praise a few words for the host’s hospitality. When you break up, you can send an invitation to indicate the meaning of the return.

Festival etiquette of the New Year]

[Festival etiquette of the New Year]

On the first day of the year, people got up early, put on the most beautiful clothes, dressed up neatly, went out to visit relatives and friends, and celebrated each other’s New Year’s greetings.

Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Chinese have set unwritten rules for the New Year’s ceremonies. They have a certain order: the first worship of the gods of the heavens and the earth, the worship of the ancestors, the worship of the high courts, and the worship of the whole family in the order of the generations. It is necessary to give a gift to the eunuch and to give a reward to the child. In the New Year, the younger generation must first give the elders a happy New Year, and wish the elders a long life. The elders can distribute the pre-prepared lucky money to the younger generation. It is said that the lucky money can suppress the evil spirits, because the “years old” and the “squatting” are homophonic, and the younger generation can get the lucky money. Peaceful safety is over one year old.

[Common Spring Festival New Year Method]

One is worshipping, that is, bowing to Shantou. Now in some rural areas, the younger generation gives the elders, especially the minors, the ceremonies when they celebrate the New Year’s elders.

The second is to be a squat, and the posture of squatting is to hold the fists in front of both hands. This fist cannot be hugged, the man is still left, that is, the man holds the right hand with his left hand, which is called “Jibai”, and the opposite is “fraud.” When the New Year is over, it’s a must-have to come to a right hand and hold the left hand. When you are saluting, you don’t have to be humble, you can raise your eyebrows, and you can shake up and down a few times. This kind of etiquette is generally used by the younger generation to the elders, or to the lower class to celebrate the New Year.

The third is to hold the boxing hand. This is the unique traditional etiquette of the Chinese nation. It is the right hand to hold the right hand with the left hand. It is natural and harmonious. It is moderately elastic and arched. It naturally shakes slightly on the chest. It should not be too strong or too high. This kind of etiquette is more common in the New Year’s greetings.

The fourth is Wanfu, a kind of ancient women’s etiquette, with the right hand covering the left hand and half-fisting the fist. It is attached to the right side of the lumbar intercostal space, and the upper and lower sides are slightly swayed, and the knees are slightly squatting. Sometimes, the edge of the side is called Wanfu. It has rarely been used in the contemporary era.

The fifth is the embarrassing, modern universal etiquette, used for the New Year, more in the older generation to the elders, lower to the superior, can also be used in the intergenerational, both men and women.

[No 1]

1. May the light of the Spring Festival shine on your every day, and hope that the sunshine flowers will fill your life journey. My friend, let my blessings always be with you.

2. Friendship is innocence, the blessing is a form, blessings for the Spring Festival I am not good at, but my blessing is no substitute, don’t learn to play with others; my blessing is priceless, I don’t want ordinary people, I wish you Happy new year!

3. I wish you a good new year! New look of the Spring Festival! New mood in the Spring Festival! New Spring Festival begins! New luck in the Spring Festival! New friends and old friends are willing to you, everything is always good, money is thousands of miles! Happy New Year’s Eve.

4. May you have a happy Spring Festival! May the world be full of peace and harmony, I wish you a happy year with the most sincere heart!

5. The Spring Festival is coming, send you a “new”, happy Chinese New Year; send you a “xing”, prosperous development; send you a “heart”, thinking of things; send you a “salary”, a rich salary; send you A “star”, the stars are brilliant.

6. The Spring Festival is over, I decided to send you a corner, which includes: one point is warm, one point is happy, one point is safe, one point is healthy, one point is a dream, one good fortune, one point is smooth, one point is a bit of happiness. There is one point left, it is your lucky money!

7. I wish you a healthy and safe life, full of life, full of careers, bright sunshine, rich fortune, happy family, happy New Year!

8. The year of the pig arrives, the early years of the year: one worships the whole family well; the two worships are less difficult; the three worships are troubled; the four worships are not old; the five worship children are filial; the six worships happiness; the seven worships the sadness; the eight worships have high income; Nine worships the peace cover;

9. The Year of the Pig comes immediately, harassing you in advance; SMS blessings to clear the way, sweeping away all troubles; the new year is good, the mood is beautiful; the work is easy and no worries, the salary is getting higher and higher. I wish you a happy laugh in the Year of the Pig, Fuxing is shining!

10. Wishing the Year of the Pig auspicious: Wang pig is old, happy auspicious; Wang pig is barking, career is prosperous; Wang pig is rolling, wealth is rolling; Wang pig is high jump, Ji Xing is high; Wang pig is happy, wishful peace; Wang pig praying, Home happiness!

11. The wind and the rain are good for the full moon, the beautiful scenery is expected every year, and the happy life is with you every day! Winter is like spring, spring is like a smoke, the year is gone, life needs to be happy! Say a cherished peace, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

12. Work refueling, spirited, high-scented enough, the yellow calendar to obey, the relationship is familiar, the business is more conscientious, the friends are loyal, the marriage is high, the car is at hand, the lottery is not leaked, the money is rich, and the God of Wealth assists.

13. The footsteps of the past are the hardships of hardship and climbing. The road to the future still needs to be paid with higher ideals in the new year. From now on, take the courage to take firm and wish you success!

14. During the Spring Festival, you must relax your spirits and be happy in the chest. It is like a green onion in a pot. You are indifferent to your worries. You are not in your heart. You will have a pass in the coming year!

15. The Spring Festival is coming; happy to overflow you; loved ones care about you; love nourishes you; friends are loyal to you; lucky stars will always shine on you. I wish you a lot in the distance: Happy Chinese New Year!

Common Spring Festival New Year

[No 2]

1. 2019 New Year, eat a big meal, drink less, eat more food, can’t reach, stand up, someone respects, play tricks, can’t eat, take it back!

2. I wish you a happy New Year, licking your belly, covering the quilt, streaming your nose, playing happily, drinking water, not wanting me, thinking that I am more happy, happy at this time, healthy and happy!

3. Ended the year-long rush and opened a new chapter. Dispelled the haze of the past and ushered in a new sun. New spring and new weather, a new starting point for the new year, I hope that you will be full and happy in the new year. Happy new year!

4. Smile on the face, happiness in the heart, wishfulness and happiness, the days are sweeter than honey, the country celebrates together, and the auspicious years are shared, blessing a small copy, chatting with my heart, wishing for happiness, family happiness, happy Chinese New Year!

5. The silver-packed stuff is full of sweet happiness. The lanterns are full of joyful joys. The laughter is full of auspicious atmosphere. The friends and relatives are full of family, and the lines are full of pureness. blessing. The Spring Festival is here, I hope you are immersed in the world of family, enjoying happiness and good fortune.

6. When the Spring Festival arrives, when thousands of families reunite. The beautiful scenery is everywhere. The fireworks bloomed for the heart, and Mei Rui spit the fragrance unbeaten. Chaoping sail Zhang Xi Qianmai, the shore wide Liu Xinren Kangtai. Happy New Year!

7. Spring breeze, fragrant flowers smile. Unlimited love, text messages to celebrate the New Year. May the friend love sweet, career refurbished articles. Happiness is around, healthy forever. I wish you a happy New Year!

8. The New Year has come again, the Spring Festival is a good question, the work is step by step, the life is happy, the good luck is every day, the longer the more handsome, the gold out of the house, the long banknotes on the wall.

9. The colorful flags are floating, the clouds are floating, the happy signal, I will pass, happy Chinese New Year, happy and happy, willing to be happy, healthy and safe, everything goes well, everything is fine!

10. I wish you a full of fresh mood, no grudges, sweet and lovable, and grow up in love; I wish you all the wishes will be realized smoothly, happy forever in your heart! Happy new year!

11. Firecrackers, the year of the pig, the blessings in the Spring Festival Evening, the show is good, the crowd cheers, the new season of the Spring Festival, blessing the fortune, wishing the success of the cause, family fun, step by step.

12. Such a long distance, no gifts, no big meals, only I care about your heart and the most sincere blessing: Happy Chinese New Year. The Year of the Monkey is developed!

13. Close your eyes, my little wish will fly in front of your window in the Spring Festival night clock, and gently overlap with the dreams of your Year of the Monkey, congratulations to get rich!

14. Breeze and stars, wine and good friends, invite Spring Festival, you can’t come? If you don’t come, I wish you happiness now, and I will bless you in the next day! Choose your own!

15. Hang a flaming lantern to illuminate the safe road; paste a wishful Spring Festival couplen to usher in a happy time; burn brilliant fireworks and bloom a happy dream; send a holiday message to express your opinion miss. The new year is here, I hope that you will be happy and happy.

[No 3]

1. On the first day of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Pig, my blessings will take the lead. I wish you all the best every day. The pigs and pigs are healthy, the careers are developed and promoted, the wealth is wide, the family is reunited, and the future is broad and sunny. happy New Year!

2. The Spring Festival presents you with a wish tree filled with pistachios, lucky plums, sweet melons, rich dates, warm plums, happy peaches, and red ones for your smooth journey!

3. 365 days, you are very busy, take the lead in the industry, take care of the liver, and make money for everyone. Drinking water does not forget to hit the well. The Spring Festival welcomes you for a year. I wish you good health and lead us forever!

4. When you see this message, luck has come to your head, Fortuna has entered your door, Ronghua Fugui is not far from you, bless your friends: 20xx Spring Festival auspicious!

5. Sweep away the fatigue and dust of the year, let us talk about working hard in the new year! I hope that everything goes well! Happy New Year, good luck!

6. What makes Happy Chinese New Year? It is not a happy sunshine, nor a bird’s jealousy. It is a happy thought and a happy smile and a warm and loving greeting.

7. Rich as a cloud, but love does not change. Although far apart, mourning in my heart. Time is like a flying arrow, and the sea is changing into a mulberry field. True feelings are for you and me, friendship is often watered, and until the New Year’s Eve, the year of the pig, I wish you happiness every day!

8. Green is the color of life, and green romance is the vitality of life. In this green world, the joy of the Spring Festival is full of winter, and the festival’s wine red is dressed in fresh green. The Spring Festival has a new look! Let peace take the fast lane of the Year of the Pig, let the happiness hug with you, let the difficulties look at you with sorrow, let the troubles go down quietly, let the auspicious care for you, let happiness smile forever! Happy Year of the Pig!

9. The new year, the new beginning. New hope, new life. New opportunities, new achievements. New achievements create more wealth, and new wealth brings more wages. I wish you a million dollars in the year of the pig, with an annual salary of hundreds of millions!

10. The bells of the zero hour resounded through the world. The train of the Year of the Pig set off on time. It took an unforgettable time and ushered in another fiery year. I wish you a happy Year of the Pig, good luck and good luck!

11. The bell of the Year of the Pig is about to ring, and the celebration of New Year’s Eve is filled with courtyard halls. Please open the singer’s mobile phone, collect my blessings, let sweetness go straight to the heart, be happy with you, happiness will follow you. Happy New Year!

12. The scenery is beautiful again, there is a good mood to reward; more money, good body to spend; more friends, only true exchanges; life is a dream, health is gold, happiness is blessing; new year I wish you happiness and well-being!

13. Annual blessings are sent every year, this year blessing for text messages; just a few warm words, I hope you are warm and happy; the Spring Festival is safe and happy, Fuyun is always lucky; I wish you all the best, the whole family is healthier and healthier. Happy new year!

14. The spring breeze is proud of Ma Chi, and the sun shines on the sun. The mountains and rivers show the years of renewal, and the earth is full of joy. The weather of Fuman is updated, and the future is broad and the future is beyond. The Spring Festival is here, I hope you will have a family reunion.

15. Raise the stomach with shark’s fin bird’s nest, wash the lungs with fresh air, let the sun shine, look for a group of friends to drink a little drunk, sleep like a cat, forget the tiredness of the world! Happy Chinese New Year!

[No 4]

1. Wind and soft rain and good moon, good morning beauty year after year, happy life every day, winter to spring like a hookah, the year is gone, life must be happy, say a treasure, a peace! I wish you a happy Year of the Pig!

2. The jubilant firecrackers boiled the farmer’s morning, the children’s flower suits blushed the dream of childhood, the bright red couplet carried a full expectation, and the joy of their loved ones ignited the hope of the new year. I only hope that you will be happy and happy in the new year, happy in the Year of the Pig!

3. May you hold peace, embrace health, embrace happiness, carry happiness, take warmth, bring sweetness, carry fortune, take advantage of good fortune, enter the Year of the Pig, and spend every day happy!

4. Year of the Pig! Some people have been inquiring about you, and they say that you will never be light, they are called God of Wealth, one is called Shushun, the leader is called happiness, you don’t hide your life! Happy Year of the Pig!

5. The red lanterns are hung high, full of auspicious soaring, the fragrant dumplings are wrapped in happiness, the sincere blessings are well-being, the new year is coming, may you have a perfect family, happy family, happy new year!

6. New Year of the Pig, New Year of the Pig, New Opportunities for the Year of the Pig, New Opportunities for the Year of the Pig, New Hope for the Year of the Pig, New Achievements for the Year of the Pig. New achievements open up a new life, a new life will have new luck. I wish you good luck in the Year of the Pig.

7. Last night, the night dream of the stars, today’s wish today, today’s sunrise, the dawn of the East, happiness is by your side, Fuxing Gaozhao sunny days, laughter and laughter, good days, good year, year of the year, year of the year, year of the year, year of the year, year of the year, year of the year, year of the year Come, I wish you all the best in the new year, happy every day.

8. There are green shoots in spring and chrysanthemums in autumn. There is a white lotus in the summer and snow in the winter. Year after year, day after day, good mood is your wealth, and you have to celebrate the New Year, are you ready? I wish you happiness in the new year!

9. Sound blessing, silk friendship, a string of thoughts, warmth, turned into a gift for the Spring Festival, let Baiyun give you. Happy Chinese New Year, good luck!

10. He Xinchun, Qingjia Festival, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Good New Year, everything goes well, everything goes well!

11. Good Year of the Pig, develop a big opportunity, smartly check the heavenly machine, easily manage the machine, gather the business opportunities, innovate to seize the opportunity, love the life machine, learn the mystery, successfully meet the opportunity!

12. The footprints of the snow are full of happiness, the swaying red candle has endless romance, the exquisite wine glass has a long mellow fragrance, and the red couplet has a sincere desire. There are far-reaching blessings in the colorful fireworks. May you have a happy New Year!

13. The drums ring the happiness, the lanterns reflect the joy, the Spring Festival is full of hope, the fireworks are sweet, and the songs are floating. New Year’s greetings are sent to you, and your family is happy.

14. Zheng Zhongming’s fame: This text message has never been forwarded. I have never seen a package of plain feelings. The original genuine pirated copy must be considered if it is a coincidence. Happy Year of the Pig!

15. The blessing of spring is gentle wind, the blessing of summer is cool rain, the blessing of autumn is crystal clear dew, the blessing of winter is white snow, my blessing is harmony, through the reinforced concrete of time and space, with you forever.

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