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Best Happy New Year Resolution Quotes 2019 to Motivate and Inspire you

It’s the New year and is you make your New Resolution. You have to start special for the new year and here check how you make your New year resolution special.

However! according to Psychology Today, New Year resolution can make peoples depressed.

Yes, it’s true because of this a person who suffers some bad things in last year and they try to out from these things and make their Resolution for New Year.

So here in this post, we try to help you to get out from this situation and we collect some Happy New Year Resolution Quotes that motivate and inspire you and help you to get out from depression and make your New Resolution More perfect and effective.

Happy New Year Resolution Quotes

Happy New Year Resolution Quotes

  • Don’ tell yourself you can’t. You can.

  • Don’t focus so much on January 1st. Focus on making every day of the new year special.

  • You’ll never realize how truly great you can be if you never get started.

  • “Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.”― Neil Gaiman

  • “Wishes are possibilities. Dare to make a wish.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

  • If you flee from things you fear, you will not be able to decide.

  • New Year’s Plan: Take the fools with pleasure, because it does not encourage them to spend more time.

  • If you have asked for my New Year, I need to know who I am.

  • Characters are the ability to get a good result for a long time after the excitement of the moment.

Popular New Year’s Resolutions

After some happy new year resolution quotes here are some of the New Year’s Resolutions that are used mostly we hope this list will help you to choose your New Year Resolution.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Get a better job
  4. Save money
  5. Get fit
  6. Eat healthy food
  7. Manage debt
  8. Travel more

Happy new year resolution quotes and sayings

  • “Greetings to the New Year and another opportunity to do it”.

  • “We all get the same 365 days, but what do we do with them?”

  • “If I do not regret it will not be New Year.”

  • “Last year’s words go back to the previous year, the words of next year are waiting for another sound, and the ending must begin.”

  • “Tomorrow is the first page of the 365-page book, good writing.” –

  • “Our New Year’s decision should be like this: As human friends, we will be with us in the very best sense of the word.”

  • “I had a great experience on New Year’s Eve.”

  • Your old things can still go out.


  • “Greetings to the New Year and another opportunity to do it”.


  • “It’s not just a new year, but a new opportunity for everyone to restart.”


  • “I have not made any decisions for the New Year, planning, criticizing, sanctioning and developing the way of life is a great many-day event for me.”

  • “I’m a little old, a little smart, a little bit enthusiastic, but I’m not even smart.”

  • “Keep in mind that your decision to succeed is more important than others.”

  • “If I do not regret it will not be New Year.”

  • “The most important part of the first job”

  • “Hopefully, the year begins with joy and whisperings will be more pleasing …”

  • “The decision I make and I always try to save it is superior to these little things.”

  • “Follow your desires, believe in karma, and you will not have to achieve your desires, and they will come to you.”

  • “If you ask me about the New Year’s decision, I have to know who I am.”

  • “The New Year’s Resolution: If you have to spend more time with fools, take the fools with joy.”

  • “New Year is the foundation of the rhythm called SOUL today, the best sounds called experiment and guitar playing” LIFE “.

  • “What’s going on in the new year is mostly related to the New Year.”

  • “The happiest moments in my life are the home of my family’s home.”

  • “If you want to look at my New Year, I have to know who I am.”

Famous New year resolution quotes

  • I have not made any decisions for the New Year. Planning, criticizing, sanctioning and shaping my life is a great deal for me. “

  • Better decisions make sure that men work in a non-bank bank. “

  • From the point of view of the New Year it is illuminated; A good humor, which loses in a failed state, will be restored. I will stop complaining. “

  • The optimist stays up to midnight to see the new year. She is awakened to make sure she’s gone for years. “

  • The New Year’s Eve is the time taken to accept your annual decisions. Next week, you can raise the level of hell with them as usual. “

  • Leave the previous year in the quiet section of the past. Let him speak because he was imperfect and thank God. “

  • Last year’s words are based on the language of last year, and next year’s words are still waiting. “

  • The purpose of the New Year is not to have a New Year. We need to have this new spirit. “

  • Keep peace with your neighbors and find a good person for every new year. “

  • Many years ago, I decided not to be nervous about the New Year’s Eve, and I have been strong since then. “

  • Explore yesterday, live today, wait for tomorrow. “

  • Another opportunity for the New Year greetings and health. “

  • It is difficult to live in today’s world, and it is impossible to live in the future. Nothing longer than one minute. “

  • One of my decisions and I always try to keep it: overcoming these little things. “

  • Write the best day each day in your country. “

  • Bad news – it’s time to fly. Good news is you are not pilots. “

  • Never make predictions for your decision, or it’s twice as expensive. “

  • The end of the year is not the ending or the beginning, but this march, this experience can pillage us. “

  • Those who break the decision will be weakened; One man makes a wise man. “

  • I think that this is not the decisions of the current year, but agenda items.

Happy New year resolution quotes inspirational

Here are some happy new year resolution quotes inspirational must Read.

  • It’s never too late to try something different.
  • Embrace change and try new things.
  • Don’t miss the moment.
  • To have something you never had, You have to do something you’ve never done

We Hope these Happy New Year Resolution Quotes will help you. Thanks and Happy New Year 2019.

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