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Best 37 New Year Resolutions Ideas 2019 – Make your this New year and life better

New Year Resolution is a promise or commitment of a person that he makes for doing good at the start of the new year. In new year resolution, he sets goals and makes plans to achieve those goals for a better life and for a better future.

For example, change bad habits like (the smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol or eating junk food) into good habits quit smoking a cigarette or quit drinking or eating good foods and more.

New Year Resolutions traditions were actually not celebrated on 1st January. Why and history of new year resolution check here on

According to research, 45 percent of Americans say they make New Year resolutions and only 8% are achieved their New Year Resolutions goals.

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New year Resolutions ideas

In this post, we cover the most famous best New year resolutions ideas and also Best New year Resolutions ideas for Students.

New year resolutions ideas

  1. Lose weight
  2. Life betterment/improvements
  3. Good Financial Decisions
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Exercise
  6. Family and Friends
  7. Workout
  8. Help out others
  9. Find the love of life
  10. Find a better job
  11. Learn Something New
  12. Less Sleeping
  13. Saving money
  14. Find a new job
  15. Make new friends
  16. Enjoy small things
  17. Increase your charisma
  18. increase your IQ
  19. Increase your emotional intelligence(EQ)
  20. Start Blog
  21. Commit yourself to something
  22. Refine Part of your personality
  23. Give charity
  24. Stop for a moment before eating
  25. pray with your own words
  26. Take a personal inventory
  27. Accomplish your inner child
  28. pay it Forward
  29. Listening

New year resolution ideas for students

  1. Attend more networking events
  2. Early to bed and wake up early
  3. Get good grades
  4. Get a part-time job
  5. To be more aware
  6. Keep the calendar
  7. Take a concert
  8. Word out at least 4 times

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These are the most famous New year resolutions ideas that people make over the years.

These New Year resolution ideas give you the idea you also make your own. Like other years, eating better was exercise training and saving money top of the list.

However, another Popa poll asked 2,000 people if they believed they would achieve their goals, but half believed they would. So, what is the best way to comply with New Year’s resolutions?

Whether you’re trying to eat better, sleep more, or read more books, the key is to achieve the goal or divide it into smaller, more achievable steps.

Accomplish your inner child

Your spirit and your inner child are the same: they are the innocent and pure part of you covered by years of irony. Honoring an inner child during decision-making is a new idea that deserves appreciation and transformation in the new year.

Commit yourself to something

Do you want to prove to yourself that you can really keep the ideas of a new solution in general? Commit yourself to something, just one thing, in the New Year using seven spiritual steps. It is a self-improvement project that anyone can do if they are willing, to be honest with themselves.


For example, if it’s better to practice your New Year’s resolution, do not exercise five times a week. You do not even need to join the gym. Take a half-hour walk or run before work or when you arrive home three times a week or do a half-hour body-weight session at home. Hope this will give you also a new year resolution ideas.

This will allow you to get used to the exercise, so you can increase the amount of exercise during the climb and join the gym when you are ready and know that you can commit.

Enjoy small things

Life does not mean simply setting big goals like jumping rope or learning to dive. It also includes learning to enjoy small things. That is, learning to appreciate the pleasures of simple life, such as the following:

Go out at night to look at the stars.
Go to the pet shop for “Oh” and “AAH” to dogs and cats.
He walks barefoot in the grass.

Finding a New Job

However, if you are dealing with a broader goal, such as finding a new job or making new friends, this will require more effort. Getting a new job takes time, so keep your eyes open for job ads and book a time to apply.

Give charity

Even for people who have a lot of money, the money is a concern. How much more when there is enough to cover monthly expenses. The initial design gives us a 4000-year solution to financial concerns: charity. It is a tried and true method. Learn more about how to transfer money from curse to grace. Giving love is a good idea for the new year with tremendous spiritual and material benefits.

Increase your charisma

Charisma is not only important in the political arena, but in all aspects of life. After all, let’s face it: charismatic people are more likely to get what they want. This includes everything from career promotion dates. Because charisma is a skill, not a personal trait, it can be learned. Make 2018 the year in which your charisma is run.

Increase your IQ

As I wrote in Manshuri how I do to be smarter one hour a day, new studies show that, contrary to popular belief, you can become smarter. So, by 2018, why not adjust the decision to increase your IQ? Improving the brain’s ability to plan, reason, and solve problems is always good.

Increase your emotional intelligence (EQ).

Daniel Goldman formulated the term emotional intelligence in his best-selling book in 1996, “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Be More Important than Intelligence.” In short, emotional intelligence is a set of skills, which include control of personal motivation, self-motivation, empathy, and social competence in interpersonal relationships.

Adjust the accuracy to increase your reward, along with your IQ, and in 2018 it can not be stopped.

Learn something new

The more skills you have, the more valuable you will develop. In this new year, get a home tutor and start hobby lessons at home. You can learn guitar at home or in a new language. Just by giving one hour of your day does not seem like a decision that can be broken, and before you know it, you will be an expert in 2019.

Less Sleeping

If you try to sleep more, you can not jump from five hours at night to eight hours immediately, so spend a week in bed half an hour before usual. Continue to increase this week in a week so you get the full eight hours and feel like a million dollars.


Real listening is an acquired skill that requires practice and dedication. Is an integral part of the communication, who can not use the audit in the communications department?

Make New Friends – New year resolutions ideas

It’s also hard to make new friends in a big city, but the best way to do it is to join a group or team (think of a reading club or a sports team) to find people with similar thoughts.

Pray with your own words

A survey by the Pew Research Center in 2014 showed that 89 percent of Americans say they believe the word of the director-general is the image or the universal spirit, although only 56 percent say religion is “very important” to them. How, then, can people who have no religious affiliation or fewer associate with Gd communicate or with a universal spirit? Personal prayer – ask God to meet their needs and thank God for what is available to everyone, regardless of religion or affiliation. It is an infallible and fixed way to develop a relationship with a higher force. Taking personal prayer is a new idea in general, free, easy to maintain, do what you want, and get a clearer life.

Refine part of your personality

“I am just like that.” Have you ever heard someone say that and thought, “Well, then change how you are.” Why do not people change and revise the less fun aspects of their personalities? Because changing a personal aspect is one of the most difficult human efforts (but one of the most rewarding). The solution? Continue with your spirit We have explained how we can “change our personalities?”

Pay it Forward

Payment is the return of kindness to someone who is not the original enhancer. Join the push forward revolution. Whether you do it once or do it every day, paying it will positively affect the world other than human understanding.

Saving Money:

The same idea can be applied to those who want to save money, and you can not change your spending habits immediately, especially with the cost of living in London, but small changes like writing what you spend and sticking to a budget may be a sign of difference.

Start blog: – New year resolutions ideas

One of the excellent ways to start a new year is launching a blog. Register a domain name (it can be your first name and last name, for example, and pay for one year of hosting. This will allow you to do things like:

Create a portfolio of your work that you can show to employers or potential customers.
Blog as a hobby (you can blog about anything that interests you, like cooking, traveling or video games).
As a way to document the journey: weight loss trip, home renovation project, the journey towards financial independence, etc.
You can monetize your blog and create additional revenue streams.
With Bluehost, for less than $ 75 you can get a domain name and a year of hosting. You can get more information on how to start a blog here.

Stop for a moment before eating

Spoils the prevailing idea of the New Year’s decision of weight loss/diet! The real and sustainable way to improve eating habits is to stop for a moment: for five seconds of meditation or pond before eating. It’s that simple.

Take a personal inventory

A permanent personal change begins with an honest personal inventory. If you’re interested in improving yourself, but you have trouble making changes, decide to check yourself outright next year. It’s something you can do on your own speed, in your own time. You can do this once, or you can do it daily.

New year resolutions ideas for students

Attend more networking events.

You know those events you always hear on campus that you’ve completely forgotten and think is a waste of time (well, maybe some) … but you have to pay more attention to the bulletin boards they surround you! Most often, there are incredible networks and social events happening around you-you do not have any idea. And yes, they do it in the long term.

Early to bed and wake up early

This year you can promise not to use smartphones while you sleep. Sleep and wake up on time. This is a simple new year resolution that can do miracles for you. About 7 hours of sleep and you will have 17 hours of productivity. Students in school must wake up early, but do not necessarily have to sleep in time, and as a result, less productivity and idle behavior.

Get good grades

Committed to good grades. Good grades are very necessary to enter a good school unless you are a first class athlete. The best possible scenario is that you have good grades from the beginning. However, if you start badly and improve your grades, the universities will give you points. Many admissions officers will not check your application if your grades are too low or show a steady drop. Spending the night studying while your friends play with the Wii may not inspire you, but you need to see it in the long term. Think of it this way, qualifications are the bridge. They will help you enter the university where you will have more freedom. In college, grades may not be as important as in high school.

Article: Best 37 New Year Resolutions Ideas – Make your this New year and life better

Get a part-time job

Contact the professional services office at your school for information on part-time work on campus. They often provide networking events, job creation resources, interview skills counseling and training on the value of “personal skills” for employers (such as customer service and communication). It’s also good to start looking for a place for summer / cooperative training now so you can relax later in the classroom when you’re busy with exams and class papers, and you have less time to devote to summer job search.

To be more aware

“My New Year’s resolutions this year are largely based on mental health, one of which should be more aware of what I do and the other not worry about things I can not control,” said Hetty Blondell, theology. Said a student in the third year of religious studies at the University of Bristol for international study.

“I usually feel like I go to live without really focusing on everything about me or what I do at that moment. For example, when I eat, I usually do not focus on food, watch TV or talk on the phone, or even if I read a book, My thoughts are often worried about something else, so I do not understand everything I have to do.

“Trying to focus only on things right now, I feel that I will appreciate much smaller things and enjoy the life they come from, rather than continuing concern about the past or the future.

“As to whether I can keep these decisions, I am not very worried, because they are not concrete things, such as trying to lose weight or work more, and so they are very flexible and faster than you should think about. Fully. “

Keep the calendar

Sometimes, the school can be too hectic to keep track of upcoming deadlines. As most students know, there is nothing worse than discovering that a task that did not start must be delivered very soon. Believe it or not, some of the best New Year resolutions for students are as simple as maintaining the calendar! So, take a calendar, complete all important assignment dates, and paste them onto your wall so that they always remind you to review them. Make sure to update your calendar every week and you will be on your way to being better prepared to handle any task!

Take a concert

Despite all the ills on the Internet, one of the best things is that they have opened up an independent market so that you do not have to be out of school necessarily to start making money.

Especially if you are in college, you can start giving concerts right away. Just make sure it is something in your driving room.

You may not earn a lot of money right away, but it will give you some training to manage your own business. At the same time, you can take advantage of some hard and soft skills to get a better job in the future.

You will also learn a lot about the best way to present yourself to employers/recruiters.

Work out at least 4 times a week

If you wake up early, I can go. Those who provide this will know that they are giving a strong boost to the day. Throughout the day, you will remain active and alert. On the other hand, your weight will continue to be run.

The workout can be a gym workout or as simple as aerobic exercise for 30 minutes at home. You can also set a goal to participate in the maximum marathon in the New Year. A year later, you are proud to see many medals that reflect your dedication.

New Year resolutions ideas do not have to be encouraging, they just need to be proactive. While we may not believe that there is enough time in our day to achieve our goals, only working for 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

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